Generally we're python people; primarily because I was perl-head back in the day of CGI (i.e. web0.2) and looking at other people's perl code gave me a headache and, whilst great perl code was beautiful and fun, the horror of de-coding it -- just to re-write it -- leaves scars.

Also, I've tagged 'c' code as 'c99' but i really have no idea what 'c' standard they comply.

In any event you'll find various blobs here in python, perl, C, java and whatever else may come to pass -- some ugly some not so ugly and most of which will be of little use to anyone except me. Generally they may be used under a 3-clause BSD license unless they're GNU derived -- but check -- I won't be responsible for your law suits either way.

NB: I am attempting to sift through old scripts and put licensing information with them, however, this is more time consuming than I'd like to admit so if you find a blank here, ask, I probably haven't got to it but may still be able to supply it. (2012-02-08:fc0)

working code

hacks and ugly stuff

patches and repository links

NB: note to self -- move these to the software section (2012-02-08:fc0)