Recent changes to this wiki:

Rework some of the marketing elements and
add a couple of templates for simple
presentation items (currently just
pre-formatted text).
Remove old 'creole' version of the about page.
Made a mess of the merge, corrected.
Merge update to front page.
Revise/re-work the 'thttpd' patch pages.
Change the heading to use an HTML
header instead of a anonymous
'div' block (i.e. add *some* semantic
element to it).
Add local header definitions.
Pull copy of global style in order
to override the heading definitions
(this doesn't work in 'local.css'
because we can only add, override,
not re-define and in this instance
we want to remove the heading
definitions and let the local client
defaults be used).
Update the support link.
Remove local comment line.
Remove duplicate link for 'about' page
and update my tag line.
Various minor changes to make the content
appear less dumb (i.e. totally out of context
and incomplete).
Move actions above the page border.
Add 'recentchanges' to the ignore list.
Add marker page for the web infrastructure
article since I've "referenced" it in the
new thttpd patch.
New 'code' blog for the second patch against
Move 'action' block to top of page and
align to the right -- this probably needs
something more, a border or something.
Move 'actions' to top of the page (above
the title) and float to the right.
Remove 'float' from 'actions' as we're not using it
Test floating actions to right.
Add ignore for the `ikiwiki` working files.
Remove the additional page templates as most of
these were erroneously copied as a block when
first setting up the site.
Pull working site from laptop and import to repository.